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Every Time a Bell Rings

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I could feel the old house skulking in the shadows. In the basement I used to play in the dark, shine a flashlight on the angular black widows creeping in the corners, feed them ants and silverfish and flies with the wings pulled off so the web wouldn’

Empty Clock

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In the middle of the city stood an enormous clock. The clock contained many parts: gears, springs, cogs, and so on. But in this particular clock, the two most prominent parts were the bell and the pendulum. The pendulum swung every second, and the bell ra

Reasonably Passionate Dispatches From The Mean Curve

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or a loser who spends whole summer days visiting emergency rooms for the human contact only,

7 or 8 Things I Know About Him - A Stolen Biography

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Wonderful When his mother was a little girl, her father would braid her hair until it was exactly right. When she asked him how it looked, he always said,…


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you hear the knell of kindness long before its cathedral voices -- a recessional -- barters better times.

How We Open Doors

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-- as if I had / only rung the rusted bell --