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My Love For You Is Real

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Caroline smiles before reaching out to touch a shapeless shadow dancing on the wall, closing her eyes as the bumps in the primer serve brail to oncoming dreams.

Born Out of Fog

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As if one might get lost forever along the way.

Let's Make A Deal

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I roll to the other side of the bed. "So..."

A Letter Late At Night

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That man sits in the next room and continues laughing about his own writing.

And her child

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The mother was happy, though. She was happy because she could make him some soup and then she could feed it to him in bed.


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It was a phone call we never expected. You were so full of life and joy and the sound of your laugh was pierced in our minds. Two strokes. That's what they said. No explanation, no back story. We worried we would lose you. Immediately, all of our memories with you started…

A Flat Sheet and One Standard Pillowcase

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this is your hair, this is your stare, this is your voice

Night Sounds

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Look how the wind upon yon curtain blows, Past candled wax whose flames no longer shine, O'er cats asleep with all ears tightly closed, To still the peace-less ev'nings razored whine. While dust mites pace the air of discontent, Like drunken sailors…

Saturday Morning, Minus One

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The Sextant

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I was hope, and you were what I can only call consolation, as day after day you remained a grief in my throat.


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and like the want of weather, we walk away or come close

The Secret

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It was always your body that told so much -- lips working some secret out