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The Serious Writer Who Has Neither

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They took mine away when I was a mere tot.


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Dog winged the monkey's gerdonderplonk just past ceremony. Winkle-wizzened water garglers awoke wanderjanked while apple-gated confederates slept on. Rusty pipe smack-down cancelled water lily gumbo's two o'clock and Patsy sang Crazy for the millionth time.…

Linda Lovelace Eats a Banana

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Every night, more often than not, I have this dream where Linda Lovelace, white-gowned and floaty, opens her throat.

Crystal Clear

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At 10:30 a.m. precisely Judge Jessica Gislason saw the file and walked swiftly out of child protection court and into her chambers, where she placed her snubnose .38 special to her right temple and fired. She had never been a right-brain sort of person.


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The monkey did not live for long. He’d lost interest in the stuffed dog pretty much right away. The farther away the shuttle, the more garbled and fanciful the sign language the monkey had been taught became.