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In another life you would have learned to cook.

Honey Gold

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your light is gonna last me through the week

A Brief Recap of My Last Excellent Meal

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You placed four perfectly crisp, golden-brown quail, still hot from the pan, onto my plate.

Autumn Offering

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You may gather from me the spring of my youth

The Fall

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Creation, as calculated by Bishop James Ussher, was the night preceding Sunday, October 23, 4004 BC —which means the fall, Eve's fall, the day when she stared into the eyes of the saurian and said, yes, yes, I will, might have been an autumn day.


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He tells me scandalous anecdotes about the neighbors, cheats and priests he knew 88 years before, while the sun races the clouds towards the horizon.


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slippery lickery


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October Unruly flocks of geese trumpet and bleat, wings beat, hidden in a shroud of mist over still water Newly fallen leaves lay sodden and silent on the stony path, their season spent Cornstalks lean in rusty fields, crepe paper strands fluttering like feathers on…

Rain Song at Summer’s End

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Soft rain, small rain, steady rain— what the shrubs and tangled young red oak tree need—

Angel Loop September 2013

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I tickled grass. I wanted to

Indirectly Found Jesus

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had half my head shaved like I lost a bet.

The Thing on the Stair

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Autumn brings It

Autumn Day

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The wind whispered through tree branches and the underbrush with little fanfare. Trees creaked and moaned in response, their branches rattling together like the bones of a reanimated skeleton's hands. Leaves of all shapes and colors skittered across the ground as if they…


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At the graveyard, the leaves had been raked into loose array....

November Is The Month Of Dying

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Two weeks after All Souls’ Day, he trudges through the overgrown pasture behind the farmhouse, his head bent, intent on his footing, a shovel his walking stick.