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Seven black and orange Tortoise-shell kittens nursed in a crate the day Sue returned from rehab, to her parent's Atlanta home.

Cold Water

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The old house smelled like copies of Life and Reader's Digest and Leica catalogs and my grandfather's nonfiction books.


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The judge looked at Darren and frowned. But just as His Honor was about to speak, a man entered the room through a door behind the bench, approached the judge, and bent to whisper in his ear.

Feeling Marlene (from OPEN CITY Magazine Number 16)

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I got your card in the mail via my ex-wife in Saskatoon. On it you wonder where I am, if I am still writing, and if I have any stories I would send for you to look at because you think I should be published, too.

The long road

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He strapped the Genghis Khan style helmet to his head. The storm had stopped, leaving in its long wake a path of water logged trees, their leaves giant green sponges with raindrops that dripped through cotton candy fog. The new mound of earth, cold grass disturbed. He…

The Masquerade

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Atlanta, 1990The night we almost died,crushed at a one-hit wonder concert,comes back to mewhen the club announces it's closing.An ancient excelsior millturned industrial dance hall,I spent three years mapping every dark corner, finding secret places for sex and…