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I know a moustache

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“Hey there!/ Here I am, a fucking moustache!/ I’m the biggest damn moustache/ you’ll ever see

Wall-to-Wall Bullshit (or, 'The Unauthorized Autobiography of Crabby McGrouchpants')

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"I can't believe my 'best friend' and my 'girlfriend' would actually start dating if I authorized and coordinated repeated threesomes for us!" Robert Eww was saying, holding aloft a dagger and book, with an olive wreath around his head.


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I'm subconsciously a sucker for guys who are no good for my self-esteem. Or waistline.

10 Easy Steps to a Better Intellectual Life

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Let’s face it, there are simply too many things too know these days.

It Isn’t Personal. It’s Business

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because you pay/ for it to matter to me.

Two poems by Kitty Boots

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To dance along the wrack line...