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my son

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his mother brought him to me/ when he was very young/ maybe a few months old,/ born in arizona july.

gravelortian part 7

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suck chew sip

Murder—My Legacy

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After the box was in the ground, we dumped the soil on top and patted it down tightly in case the bird came back to life and haunted us.

Breakfast for Ten

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Chuck woke when he smelled cooking.

Not That New York

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in a plain brown bag to snort like a glue addict: Curry and porn The dog walker’s tangled pets

The Earth Squeals

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Who knows how long I have been crouched here, tied down by kelp and thin vines, trading laments with animals? They all look terrified.

Wet funeral

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I know now, how she moves without verbs after you crushed her into the river.


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It is hunting season in Jersey today. They say “There are too many deer in Jersey today.”

A crow, deceased.

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Feathers littered the ground beneath the sycamore, glossy black ones, short one and long.

The Bird: A Snippet

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He’d lost any contact with the last woman he’d attempted a romance with, a nurse from Dublin, who, after a romantic weekend in Moate with him had departed with his kissing her forehead and admonishing her to “look after yourself, now.”


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Heartbeat sped as heart size shrank to a ribcage of hollow bones. The curlew’s cry froze over the open bog and morphed to the trill of the river-bird.