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iterations of my brother

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In my dream, his head is pricked with needles as in the practice of acupuncture. I ask him how he is doing, what death is like. He tells me it is terrible. He cries. I wake and I am not comforted.

Out to Lunch

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One of the paramedics stood up slowly and looked at the clock. “Time of death: ‘round ‘bout midnight.”

Jen the First

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"kissing her with every muscle in my neck."

It's True What They Say

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…and when I open my eyes I see what a perfect shot, the arrow stuck in the side of my neck, a fountain of blood sinking the snow like maple sap, and Dave barrels through underbrush, his breath heaves white clouds, he's lost his hat, there's a bald spot in back I'd never…

Error Bars

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Is death like standing in a room at night and turning off the lights? You would still hear your breathing. You hold your breath. Silence. Darkness. Yet you feel gravity, your feet on the floor. Then the air brushes your skin. Remove the air,…

The Yellow Butterfly

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Let whoever may read this know: I am an evil man, and I have done evil things.


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Our dossiers grow taller, more robust


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Our afterlife depends upon// what interesting shape

When I Die

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When I die, have me stuffed and mounted over the mantel of your fireplace next to that portrait of Ernest Hemingway you're so fond of. You know, the one where he's standing next to an 8 foot marlin glistening in the sun. When I die, hang my body…

Living but Dead, In-between

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You ask yourself, how can you be living but dead? It is not possible. Yet it can be and it can be slightly reversible, but realistically, for most people, it is not. Living but dead, is walking in the world of the in-between. Standing with one foot on the

Steve Jobs in Hell

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Everyone asks that question. The short answer is: he brought it on himself.

The Ex Flies

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"My ex Maxine claimed red wine was the healthy alcohol choice. When we were married and I still had money she drank the expensive stuff, as if drinking Chateau Montrose 2005 instead of two buck chuck made her any less of a wino. She would have been better