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Diary of a Lost Girl

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They were all in love with tortured musicians, 22-year-old geniuses who hanged themselves after making one perfect album. The musicians generally lived in England. It was safer that way.

How to Be a Conqueror

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The movies he liked best were the ones in which white people played Asian leads. Since his girlfriend had left, that Barry was adopted had seemed to become more of a fact.

Heartbreak Waiting To Happen

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I should have created a first-date questionnaire heartaches ago.

The Boy from Thuringia

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“The Boy from Thuringia” is part of a series of stories collectively called The History of Adoption. In it, a middle-aged man sets out rather obsessively to write a comprehensive history of the adopted child. In his attempts to finally begin this im

iterations of my brother

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In my dream, his head is pricked with needles as in the practice of acupuncture. I ask him how he is doing, what death is like. He tells me it is terrible. He cries. I wake and I am not comforted.


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The trouble began when I wanted to meet my mother. I had found a letter from my biological grandfather along with my adoption papers that said on the line “reason for relinquishing parental rights:” “abandonment.”

for my mother on mother's day

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My mother, now a girl again, cares for ex-cons.


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Walking to Colorado? He doesn't have that kind of time.


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You make all the lists.

Miss Ang Has a Very Comfortable Life

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"Is all life suffering?" Miss Ang asked as she parked in front of the brothel. The concrete monstrosity stood humble and lost in appearance, but the locals knew what transpired there, as did the truckers and businessmen that frequented the Phetkasem Highw


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Then the tussling starts. I can see bits and pieces of it in the mirror: Shell in her car seat trying to reach across and slap her sister, Caz tight against the door frame with her hands up to protect herself.