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we're all in there somewhere

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We ask was that me? The one on the corner with his hat tipped to the jaunty side? I've wore hats, I've stood on corners. Am I not jaunty?

loose threads

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Blankets were always her undoing.

why are we feeding the lawyer?

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They were press­ing her about the money, it was always about the money.

getting there

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Seems hot for a Thursday, doesn’t it?

raging bull guy

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I’d made that shot a thou­sand men­tal times, and when it counted, I missed. It hap­pens.

the global obscenity of your monthly $100 coffee habit [revised]

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My sixth grade teacher used to tell us all the time about how being poor is nowhere near the same as liv­ing in poverty.

thumbing through the Jesus book

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We’re on our way out, my brother and me, to the grave­yard.

we used to drop her off along the way

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We do it all the time...

running tap

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Does the stuff at the dollar store really work as well as the stuff at Calvin Klein?