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My Girlfriend's Birthday

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I bought my girlfriend a basket of breadfruit for her 21st birthday. “What's all this jackfruit doing on the table?” she asked. “And why are there candles stuck in them?” “Breadfruit,” I said, smiling. …

Your Love Is Breadfruit, Falling from the Sky

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He never mentioned his song “Breadfruit” fell from the sky, landed in his hand. The song climbed the charts: most downloaded, most played, most everything.

Jornada del Muerto

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The new dawn broke. A furious ball of red and orange whipped itself into a swirling, fiery column, several hundred feet thick. A violet ring hovered, spitting bits of blue and purple back into the atmosphere.

Young Journey

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A golden ray trickle of the sun slowly rises from its watery chamber. The waves of the metallic blue sea quietly slap the sides of the lonely sail boat. Young adventurers, a school of awkward fish, jump into the blue experience …

Beach Bod

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Still perky, still firm, I clench my ass muscles and make my way to the water...

The Cutting Edge

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Lithium will kill you, though not very nicely...

Allah Akbar

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Leaves emerge below the Vakhan strip like mangled bodies of faceless men: We are soldiers. They are Taliban. We are the snow that falls on the Towr Mountains, the lavish pine trees and cool scents of fresh green that mingles …

Flash (edited)

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Fragments that meant nothing until they became an overture in retrospect.

Second-hand Video-cam

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I imagine the hollow thud, the back of my head pushed into those pillows...


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...all I see are smoky-white trails of spent fireworks...


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I made myself tiny as I could, imagining I was Houdini shackled underwater, holding my nose and practicing my escape...

A or B

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... we lose ourselves in the animal noises...

The Hunter

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...I pray for the animal souls I have taken -- panther, gazelle, hyena, vulture...

Flesh and Blood

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On Monday I cook coq au vin. Fatty yellow skin detached and floating in the sauce.

Damn Headache

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Less than 5 seconds...