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The Yellow Wonder

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Whenever I hear Adam Sandler's song, “My Piece of Shit Car”, it brings back memories. Notice I don't say fond memories. It brings me back just like the really bad backwash regurgitation flavor…

A Swallow of Cola

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"... he likes the hair starting to grow under my arms and he likes the smell there when my deodorant is wearing off. "

Good Enough Among The Gentry

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They are an abandoned garrison awaiting reinforcements that will never come.

Texas Weather Triptych

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I worry for the daffodils/ and there optimistic yellow bursts./ I worry for the over-eager clover,// prodigious green on crepe myrtles,/ even for the early green of nut grass.

Remembering Daffodils

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the burning thrusts/ of yellow in defiance of the frost