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Let x

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Let x equal the moment just after he tells her he's starting a club for people who know something about computers.It is summer, 1984, and this is their grade school playground. She is idling on a swing over a patch of scuffed earth. He stands just off to the side, one…

Things I Should Have Done - #5

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When I walked into the local police precinct to meet with a detective about the scope of my rights, I was thinking about Rocco, the adored dog of a long-ago life.

X, Chapter 1: Alex

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Or at least that is the way Dad explained it one night after finishing the Emergency Vodka he hid behind the ice trays on his last night in the old apartment in Providence.

X, Chapter 10: X-Men 137

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Snow was melting in buckets and rivulets carried water over winter-beaten brick, concrete, and asphalt. Walking down the glistening sidewalk with his girl next to him, Alex felt as if he had emerged into a world flushed by some momentous change: a victory

X, Chapter 11: Zzsst, pop, crack

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A tremor ran through her and then a fizz, like circuits misfiring in her brain: Zssst. Pop. Crack. Things flashed in blue and red and yellow on the inside of her eyelids, but when she opened her eyes, Alex's bedroom was still dark

X, Vignette 4, Gennady Gennadyevitch Gromov

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Forty-five minutes ago Gennady had been flying through the air, too, and not in any figurative sense.

X, Chapter 13: Speak

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Mom was standing under the small archway between the kitchen and the living room, holding a mug of coffee in her hand. Since the chemo, her skin seemed to have evaporated, the blue and green of her veins were vivid through the cellophane of her skin.

X, Vignette 5, Gloria “Glory” Elizabeth Harrison

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She silently brought her awareness into her feet to stay grounded in her body in case of the worst and pushed through the door. Vostok’s was blessedly Liam-less.

X, Chapter 15: Terrycloth Mom

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"You seem like a very nice avocado, but I really don’t think I am supposed to mate with you.”

X, Chapter 16: Rubble

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His fantasies had been failing for months now, and tonight the stench of booze was too strong. It brought him back down to the world of cocktails and cockroaches, of floss and Rolaids, of Prozac, athlete’s foot, and bright orange cheese. He had no powers

X, Final Vignette, Patricia Cecilia Demarco Gromov

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No, not forgiveness. Forgiveness just seemed irrelevant.

X, Chapter 18: Befuddlement

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He placed himself in his semi lotus position, and his mind leapt and crackled violently like the split electrical wires do in movies about earthquakes.


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"My dad said the universe was God trying to kill himself….” he said.


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"Keep heat in head"


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Now, eons later whenever we see a plastic bag, which looks so like our ancient aquatic ally, we still have that vestigial impulse to squish our head into it.