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Reindeer Nights

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It all started a long time ago. September 1, 1939, Hitler invaded Poland. His army was moving fast. We lived not far from the city of Krakow. On the third day of invasion a lot of men (civilian) walked through our city, running away from the German Army.


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My name is Op. That is what they call me, because everything anyone says, right away I think the opposite and head that way. So I am Op. I spent the War in Georgia, a section of southern Russia near the Black Sea, which is how I survived that whole mes

For Services Rendered

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His father and grandfather and great-grandfather had all practiced medicine in Berlin. Dr. Ernst Weldmann never questioned—rather, he embraced—the ancestral tide that swept him along a similar stream.

Rio, 1946

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Now his daughter was an American citizen and Max wanted only the chance to board the SS Maua and disembark in New York.


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Kalinivka, Kalinivka: The ground over the mass graves is hard, the soft grass grows. The Ukrainian Guard, boy and girl, make love, happy to be alive.

A Speech for Scotland by the Evergreen Queen - the Big Dipper - the Face of Scotland

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A Speech for Scotland by the Evergreen Queen - the Big Dipper - the Face of Scotland To be Scottish is not just about being part of a nationality, it is to be part of a grand tradition that stretches back to the beginning of Scotland. To Scotland's first…


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Filling his nostrils, cold and moist against his cheek. The primitive taste of it, like licking a grave. Prayers tossed from his mind to the heavens as stray small coins are tossed into a fountain. His left arm throbbing beneath his weight. All around him


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"I was naked in a seventies film and the Pope condemned me but I told him to fuck off! Hey, do you know a good mechanic, someone who can fix my Nissan’s computer?"