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sharing words

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it's all too simple to write these words and forget why we try so hard sifting through word play looking for meaning not there soon losing desire... but not losing track or focus of what drives us; it lies in plain sight. yet is far from reach

Life of the Mind

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Days went by as I stood in the woods waiting for a tree to fall, and when none did, I determined the universe is cold and indifferent and that man’s only hope is to buy wood chippers.


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in a corner:bones spun of silk and honeymarbles caught at high tideyou swore you thought it wasfleaf licker and…


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it's like choking in Juneorchards and snowfall: I want to speakof your clavicles, how sharp and juttedthey seem at skin, orspeak to them and ask if or if once…

Second Hand (Full)

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“Okay, here is a wild idea. Let's each choose outfits from the second hand store for the other to buy and wear to a bar for a drink..." Famous second to last words?