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Every ten days, the Decadent Sisters assembled for dinner. Although raised together, they were each very different...

Gather Round

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When they first brought me home, I was their pride and joy. Then, one day, they put me in this wooden box.

Changes Are

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When people drastically change everything about themselves repeatedly, don't they eventually just end up alienating everyone?

Forever and a Day

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Just an abnormal visit to the post office.

Disappearing Ink

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Our ink was disappearing. All of it.


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The gated community of Dos was named for one of Babbage’s landmark educational figures, Ms. Dos.

The Supporting Oscars

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Weekly game night for the Oscar Family. Winning is secondary.

No One Was Watching

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What happens in life when no one is watching?

Lost Keys

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The most unoriginal, trite and hackneyed story ever written!

Real Life

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Just like real life before poundsigns.

The Time Traveler

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My work is not that sexy and glamorous kind of time travel that you see in the movies with Deloreans and phone booths.

The Vote

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God had decided to resign. Not even two weeks notice. He just resigned. Point blank.

Bad Clean Fun

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It was cold and clammy, but then it got worse. Far worse. Any opportunity to celebrate the unity and harmony of tolerance was soon cancelled.

So Many Questions?

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“Are you my neighbor in 3D?” Was she?