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And then she was gone

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Given the nature of the events that were to follow I'm pretty sure that no one sane could have been equipped to comprehend, much less deal with, the coming weirdness any better than I was.

Feeling Marlene (from OPEN CITY Magazine Number 16)

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I got your card in the mail via my ex-wife in Saskatoon. On it you wonder where I am, if I am still writing, and if I have any stories I would send for you to look at because you think I should be published, too.

Bacon's Blood (1)

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“Bullshit. Cocksucker reeked of bourbon. Damn near got drunk off his breath.” Stone nodded, jotted on a yellow pad.

Bacon's Blood (2)

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“You're going to have to suspend disbelief for this one, Stone, because this is where you'll be earning your retainer, and maybe the attorney generalship if you get me out of this.”

Bacon's Blood (3)

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“Coffin?” He kept his own voice casual.

Bacon's Blood (4)

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“It's not a tattoo. It's a birthmark, about the size of a dime. It's in a very private place..."

Bacon's Blood (10)

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Someone will be eating crow.

Bacon's Blood (11)

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Rebel Bacon has killing headache...

Bacon's Blood (12)

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Blow nibbles crow for Bacon. (hungry)

Bacon's Blood (13)

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Blow and his dad take their problems to the sky.

Bacon's Blood (15)

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Bacon sizzles; disorder in the court.

Bacon's Blood (16)

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Bacon's Blood (17)

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Powdered stones from goat's intestines--HURRY!

Bacon's Blood (18)

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Ash-hauling time

Bacon's Blood (19)

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Heads turned to watch the doorway.