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Bacon's Blood (52)

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At least they rented a comfortable ride.

Bacon's Blood (53)

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The bleeding ain't over

Bacon's Blood (53)

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This is a repost--I hit "delete" when I meant to hit "edit."

Bacon's Blood (54)

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Ze ledger! Ze ledger!

Bacon's Blood (55)

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In the name of God, ladies and gentlemen...

Bacon's Blood (56)

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Set-up to the holy-shit chapter

Bacon's Blood (57)

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lunchus interruptus

Bacon's Blood (58)

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Jury? We don't need no steenkin' jury!

Bacon's Blood (59)

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Penultimate chapter...I hope.

Bacon's Blood (60)

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We begin the reveal.

Bacon's Blood (61)

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This is it. Last chapter. (an epilogue will follow)

Bacon's Blood (Epilogue)

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What's a snippet?