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North from Laguna Beach

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I was Orson Welles skulking in the shadows and you Alida Valli; our time measured like footsteps advancing on Gethsemane.

Criticism of the Dead

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The wind has no voice and yet we listen, perhaps imagining the ramblings of a mad man

10 cities, 7 weeks, 7 countries & poems

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I'm not sure if this is breaking the rules of Fictionaut, but here's a trailer of a poetry tour of Europe I did earlier this year. We hope to break it down into webisodes soon enough to highlight the brilliant readings, brilliant local poets and such that you can find not…

3 short poems

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Say the word and I shall become a photograph;


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ghosts keeping watch to ensure no changes; their favoured tables safeguarded with a Reserviert card to ward off the living.

Growing older, uncomfortably

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Cafés just aren´t cool anymore unless they boast walls of exposed brick, pipes, half a chair nailed to the ceiling, mis-matched furniture back-breakingly uncomfortable.