Stories tagged vengeance

How We Fight

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HORDES OF MEN desolated, struck down, destroyed, sunken form of skin and skeleton, bare cloth matted to torso, bodycage and hipbone, face and neck darkened, bloating to black, rain the endless dream stuck fast in the stone-dead skull and blood a fine sheen over all,…

Dark Heart

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When we take Vengeance,/ shave and shower him,/ deodorize and scent him,/ clothe him in a starched shirt

What Kind of Priest

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The house was no more than a small hut with a dirt floor lighted by kerosene lamps. So we stepped outdoors under a clear sky with Aries rising. The man confessed his infidelities.

The Wedding: Snow White

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I dreamed, like all girls, of my dance in white satin, never this: