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Silent, so unbearably silent of voices. The dark sea gave us our only song, a light and flapping drum roll of waves and the crackling break of foam on the sand. Traipsing through forgotten sand sculptures we made our way down the beach, everything black and unseen. It was…

Summer Son

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Henry demands that his youngest son get a summer job instead. It’ll be good for him, keep him home, STD-free.

The Artist's Conk

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Whenever talk dies, or darkness gathers too closely around the breakfast table, everyone knows the list of ritual activities we can brightly suggest to skip the day forward.

Pineapple Juice

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He always sat at the same table, underneath one of the umbrellas, his legs stretched out to their full extent. The man would sit like this, not sleeping, but not doing anything, except sipping on a pineapple juice that the waiter would refill several time