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Tree Reader

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he said eat and they ate cold fries and paper wrapped hamburgers she yelped and whined they spilled dark-brown soda

Gansevoort Ridge

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Raymond Hunter killed a man in Mexico. It was long ago—before Commander Zero took up arms in Chiapas. Before the Shah had been run off the Peacock Throne. Before even the young Hearst heiress had been retired for good and all from the tabloids. And it t

Some Nature Haiku

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The proud, burly tree / Rests on the now crashed TV / Thanks a lot, nature

The Soft, Cool Blanket of Night

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wrap me in the soft, cool blanket of night. waning,the moon peers down at melike the heavy-lidded eye of some cyclops. and if I be lost like poor Odysseus,cloak me in the soft, warm wool of night. and if my eyes fail me like old Tiresias,stitch the cloth with…


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I can't tell the difference between my hands and my heart. I use them the same, they are both being pulled toward the ocean. Out of the beach grass begins a trail I made in the sand. Made by the dragging of limbs. I spent more than half the…

The Cake Forest

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They look like amateur beavers, all twenty-seven of them on their knees, gnawing through frosting bark. My wife is taking notes on a huge purple flower, listening to the kids as they shout out what tree corresponds to what flavor.

They're cutting the catalpa tree (Catalpa speciosa) in Essen, Germany

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They cut the tall specious tree storms snapped the night in two or three. At times they pause most piously to count each ring of truth, drive nails into the stiff cathartic spine, divine if this unseasoned cigar topiary agrees with its own everlasting te

A Girl and Her Trees

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The trees would answer with a creak and a crackle. Fall was near, a rotten apple.