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Bear Circuit

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My alarm clock went off at 4pm, an hour before work, half an hour before getting out of bed, like a hazard siren.

The Graduate

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George Martian had a piece of cinnamon chewing gum in his mouth while he packed, and his jawline went up and down in such a way that it was difficult to tell whether he was happy or sad, bored or reconciled.

Driving Home at Midnight

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Driving home at midnight, on a night so dark, so wild. Headlights can't pierce the gateway to oblivion. Moon and stars peek out through storm clouds. A black hole in the dead of night, swallows all light back into itself. The same late night DJ on two different…

Gay Paree

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I had a crappy room on the fourth floor of a crappy hotel.

The Way Back Home

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500 miles all the way from Omaha nine hours on the back of a flatbed truck

Endless Prairie, Empty Sky

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Mama died after Daddy didn't come home from the war. The bottle and pills hurried it along, but she really died from a broken heart. Aunt Orphy and Uncle Louie sold the farm in Twig and took me in. We moved to a tiny ranch house in Coon Rapids, a flat, treeless place where…

Hellhound On My Trail

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I need a place to stay the night, cheap and off the beaten path. It's pitch dark and foggy, street signs impossible to read. I drive around in circles for a while and pull onto a frontage road parallel to the main highway. This leads to a ramshackle area that's mixed…

Postcards On The Fridge

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Almost looks like Buddha. Except for the stitches in his lips.