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On A Highway Somewhere

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When I think about love, I actually think about life. And when I think about that, I wonder if we’re really who we used to be.


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I can feel the beat of a drum in my chestIt beats, regulating the highway systemsThat course through this vessel of lifeIf there is enough concentration, maybeThere will be felt the passage ofPlatelettes through the tunnels andChambers, the feeling of oxygen passingFrom…


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Walking alone, underneath thin, moonlit clouds, the world began to unfold and shows it guts. Deep within the Colorado mountains, miles from the nearest convenience store or free wi-fi connection, I started to merge into the implicate.

The Vessel

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For so long as I think I shall live.


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I’ve been silent for a long time. All my life, actually. And it never occurred to me whether or not that was a bad thing.


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i am two / one part me / another part them