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Another Etiquette Lesson from the Jungle

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I lie on the floor of the hut and for some reason I start to think about the Harvest Days carnival and that game where you have to toss a dime in a dish to win a stuffed animal. Next thing you know I’m a little tiny guy in there in that world of plates

Round the World Now

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It's true that he had always been more pure than her, looking for the authentic experience, authentic food. And more adventurous. Blogging their way around the world, yes, that had been his idea . . .

Wedding Day

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A bride, dressed in white gown and flowing veil, totters in high heels down the uneven pavement past Simone’s Café. She holds a bouquet of red and orange chrysanthemums. Three men, wearing black tuxes, accompany her; one of them holds up the hem of her dr

Rag Dolls

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"After all, natives were natives--interesting, no doubt, but finally only a 'subject' people, an inferior people with black faces." George Orwell - Burmese Days

Miss Ang Has a Very Comfortable Life

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"Is all life suffering?" Miss Ang asked as she parked in front of the brothel. The concrete monstrosity stood humble and lost in appearance, but the locals knew what transpired there, as did the truckers and businessmen that frequented the Phetkasem Highw

Stomping Ground

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In a slum the size of ours, some hundred mothers (we number fathers by their absence, and you can't count homes when the dividing walls are tumbledown), you would expect a healthy helping of sexy, suay daughters.

The Blistering Continent

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So as the train thundered through a backdrop of palms, skewered yellowish squid on grills and Wi-Fi leaking out into the jaws of the 76 provinces...

29 September 2012

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There is a sultry fragility about her, a curious amalgamation of insouciance yet intensity.


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We’re outside the Metropole when this native thirty-something in a miniskirt takes Bean's hand and tells him in English: Mister, my friend, want sexy massage, mister?


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(In English: “Ignite!”) Pea jams a match under the burner. He holds on until the flame licks his nail. A cook's fingers. He feels nothing! Left hand: one spoon of oil into the wok. Two spoons (“For health,” he whispers in Thai). The sheen catches the noon

Roads of Thailand

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Plumped ivory, blushing fingertips jeweled with beach grains

Exchange Student

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Sometimes he could feel so small he believed he could fit through the eye of a needle.