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Beyond the Voice

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We might as well be honest: we’re talking about the two of us here. No one, not even the cameraman, had any idea even after all these years. For more than a decade we’d been bringing the six o’clock news into a medium-almost-major market region.

Excerpt from VITAL FLUID, published by Enigmatic Ink

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Herein lies the danger of the practice... If the mesmerist is corrupt of heart, foul of mind, and diseased of soul, the VITAL FLUID which he projects will be tainted...

Weather Channel Music Writer

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He can become anyone. If he wants. He'd rather not but it's not his choice.

Welcome to our community

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“Yeah, she's a real slut,” many contestants' mothers say. “If he could only keep it in his pants, he'd probably be able to stay in the country,” others say about their sons

Test Patterns

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Back then, TV didn’t go on forever. Back then, stations would sign off, sometimes at two a.m., sometimes at three. They would play the national anthem and show round designs like archery targets, and then static would fuzz the screen until dawn.

Penultimate Tuesday

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Experts agree. Creative types must dislocate the judging part of the brain to unleash the Zeitgeist of imaginal cells. Touché!

Danse Macabre

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Between the commercials, the local news is rampant with fusillade of bullets going raving mad, driven by some Machiavellian brainfuck, or bombshells smiling down with angels in black; emoticons of solid metal and pride. But you would put your faith in…

The Wren

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1975. Mouthfuls of good champagne. Tailor-made jackets. Orgies on yachts anchored only a mile off Sandbanks. Silky Vanderbilt patterned linings. Cherry red lipstick stains. Cut-glass bowls brimming with icy white powder.

Unreality Television

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I was told, take him round the back and deal with him.

Digital Window

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the television

The Supporting Oscars

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Weekly game night for the Oscar Family. Winning is secondary.