arlene ang

Location Spinea, Italy
Occupation Tim the Enchanter
IM (Yahoo) aangpoetry

Books by arlene ang
  • by Arlene Ang
    Inpress, 2010.

  • by Arlene Ang, Valerie Fox
    Texture Press, 2008.

  • by Arlene Ang
    iUniverse, Inc., 2005.
  • arlene ang's Wall

    Doggone – Apr 16, 2010

    Well, I've come looking for you, and here you are!

    arlene ang – Dec 28, 2009

    Hey David, gimme five! ;)

    Thanks so much for your kind words, D.P. And a pleasure to be reading your wonderful writing, too.

    Yes, I've finally made it here, Sam. Let's see how long I last. My blog hasn't seen me in ages. :)

    Sam Rasnake – Dec 28, 2009

    Great, great, great to find that you're here, Arlene.

    Darryl Price – Dec 26, 2009

    Just visited blog. Absolutely beautiful poetry. Alive and interesting and interested in itself. The imagery alone is worth the visit. Your talent is shining. I couldn't be happier to have caught a glimpse. Your writing could change the world.

    David Erlewine – Dec 26, 2009

    oh yeah oh yeah

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