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Before my eyes a giant wave expanded, gathering massive volumes of water together, drawing it in like liquid foaming magnets.


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The seated woman dressed in blue with the stark white hair, starts saying, “She’s a wicked witch. This one, she’s a wicked witch, a wicked witch. She insulted me.” The tall, standing woman with bright red lipstick, elegant at one time, you cou

Love Songs for Kandahar

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You worry that the mullahs suspect us, but that cannot be. We never touch in public. You weep and I shake when a neighbor knocks on the door.

Odd Man Out

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I stand frozen on the wall, with 40 pounds of tarpaulin slung over my shoulder. A late winter chinook wind howls off the front range. Stevie says we've been assigned to move a stack of tarps to another spot. This involves navigating a traverse of about 50 feet across…

Tumorhead at the End of the World

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I’ve always wondered why my sister got all the luck in our family. She was shinier than the rest of us, somehow. Had the sweet smell of “good luck” on her.

Flight of Fancy

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Flitting from infancy to adolescence Growing into adulthood with grace and poise Flirting with the opposite sex, same sex, all sex Learning the seductive dance of the plumed siren The woman child sees only one way to survive. …

Art Survives

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Forget the salt erasure of Carthage,/ all the Meso-American artifacts/ smelted to float the Armada


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Just parts of a face mostly overlooked...

Message in a Bottle

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She eventually learned everyone had their own truth, and some of them were not true at all.

Sarah the Witch

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Secretly she suspected she was really a witch. She didn't have green skin or scraggly black hair, and certainly no flying monkeys. Maybe those came over time, the more bad things you did, the more ugly you became until all the world could see how horrible

Lessons from Survivors

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You cannot go back, you cannot go home, you cannot cannot cannot…Only in memory is it possible to travel back in time. We all imagine it. We relive happy moments, sad moments, we exist, time exists and it passes. We cannot stop it.

The Duck Dynasty Dog Ate My Bus Pass

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Things have changed since they strutted the gritty streets of the Lower East Side with Blondie and the gang.


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Survival is often violent.

A Story Told Over Dinner

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Then one day, Grandmother warned our father, her son, just like that. "Steven," she said, though he hated it when she used his full name, "I think some sort of storm is coming."


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The question isn't whether we will survive-/ like rats, we are supremely adaptive-// but whether we should survive.