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Sleep With The Fishes

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Pull her from the water and check her pockets. Shouldn’t death tattoo a message on each palm it removes the pulse from.

Circling The Drain

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A mass of moles and skin tags speckle her back like a drunk has vomited a macrobiotic diet from the dress circle. Her arse is flat and uninteresting; the scar above her kidney is off-putting.

Sonnet of Magicicadas

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Like honey drips, like notes of a sonata come, Like a chrysalis is made and then abandoned, Like the bed of a river widens over years-- Slow, slow is how my love is meant to reach for you.

He's Just Not That Into You -Part I

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“Too perfect.” my therapist intervenes in assurance, “You did enough, really. More than anyone else would.” I know the subtext is that I possibly did more than I should. My appointment is coincidentally later that day, after his goodbye letter arrives in