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Arcana Magi Pure Vol.3 - c.5

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The sound of the crowd’s excitement, their smiles, and laughter started to turn Mayumi’s thoughts about life in the Magi world.

How to travel with your Demons (3)

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Watch her now as she tries to not smoke. Considers, reconsiders. Checks her nylon bag for her phone charger, and lights a cigarette anyway, which she immediately extinguishes in the kitchen sink.

Beyond Logic: The Spectral Line

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What you are about to experience is surreal. A moment in time and space that transcends past your comprehension. Where the fallacy of your imagination are unbounded by the limitation of your reality. Release your mind, and see all things… Beyond Logic.

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.4 - c.1

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Ciel’s eyes trembled at how this all could have happened. With tears falling down her cheeks, all senses of hope disappeared.

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.4 - c.2

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Azure took the paper and read it herself. She wondered about those four mysterious beings that communicated with her.

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.4 - c.3

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Azure felt tired of all her problems remain unresolved, and she felt this was a good opportunity to get one out of the way.

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.4 - c.4

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Jean-Pierre and Azure watched the security guards running around the building yelling, and Jane grabbed Azure’s arm while holding the radio.

Arcana Magi Memorial Vol.4 - c.5

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Azure understood now. She felt it there as she remembered what she told Sora after her ordeal with the domed creature.

Arcana Magi Pure Vol.4 - c.1

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Mayumi noticed everything moving in real time. Everyone just stared and a woman approached her to see if she was okay. Once Mayumi felt the woman’s hand touch her shoulder, her skin crawled and she ran.

Arcana Magi Pure Vol.4 - c.2

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Mayumi and Emi followed Nina through a path away from the shrine grounds. It was narrow, but the plants did not interfere with their progress. Flowers showed signs of wilting, unable to handle the cold slowly coming in.

Arcana Magi Pure Vol.4 - c.3

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Jumping from roof to roof, Keiko and Rumiko remained quiet after hearing Mayumi’s story. They saw the shrine ahead but they knew they were going to run out of buildings to stay above.

Arcana Magi Pure Vol.4 - c.4

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Mayumi faced forward, channeled her Mana, and gathered a small pocket of air under hand. Soon the voice returned, rattling her mind.

Arcana Magi Pure Vol.4 - c.5

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The mist monster leaned over the building, drawing its face close to Mayumi. Its’ lavender eyes locked onto the Magi as she stood there ignoring Rumiko’s calls to flee.

Arcana Magi Fifth World - Part 2

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Miranda hugged Madam Mayweather as the girls, except Akane, gathered around them.

Arcana Magi Zero - c.1

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The moon is now at the corner on pace for the horizon. On top of a tall business building in Downtown Newark stop a woman in a hood cloak.