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Arcana Magi - c.7: Instinct

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Her body shivered from the liquid and she felt loose. Her mind relaxed and a veil of pink mist covered her body.

Arcana Magi - c.8: Realization

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She found herself standing before a mirror, her body was not in the reflection. A pulse shot out of the glass and her heart matched its resonance.

Arcana Magi - c.9: Brie Williams, Sentinel of Byakko

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She saw mana from the pendant floating to her chest and its resonance pulsed with her heart, yet it felt empty. Unaware of what she had done, she reached out to it, thought of a name, and called for it.

Arcana Magi - c.10: To the Horizon

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“Stay there Alysia!” Brie said from behind as she ran toward them. The Sentinel used Alysia’s back as a step and launched herself into the air with Legacy over her head.

Arcana Magi - c.11: Feelings

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The warmth flowed around her, and her heart beat at a calming pace. She felt as though the heat bathed her like water and felt her body cleansing within it.

Arcana Magi - c.12: Danica Leandros, Sentinel of Seiryuu

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Of course, there was one love Danica had in her heart that stood above all those luxuries, magic.

Arcana Magi - c.13: Along the Way

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The Sentinels flew low and through the woods. Carefully navigating their way around the trees, they heard the sound of birds chirping and frogs croaking in the morning.

The Impossible Man - Ep.1 : The Employee, the Package, and the Oddity

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WARNING!! The following story was crazy. And by was, I mean, it had already happened. It was an entertaining lie, within another lie. In the end, I should have read the sign telling me to ‘Check my sanity at the door and place my rationale in the closet

Arcana Magi - c.14: Arrivals

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Danica saw her hand with the ring lifted up by Oryn. Both of their eyes locked onto the red gem and Danica understood what Oryn offered.

The Impossible Man - Ep.2: Enter the Magical Girl

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Michael turned off the answering machine and leaned back on the couch. He looked up to the ceiling feeling a headache from this new ordeal his mother got him in.

Arcana Magi - c.15: Chisame Murakami, Sentinel of Genbu

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The water burst into droplets of rain and fell on top of her. Chisame laughed out loud, a joy that overwhelmed her as she repeated this feat over and over.

The Impossible Man - Ep.3: Silent Partner

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Remember that warning I gave back in Episode 1. Well if Episode 2 didn’t establish why I gave that warning, Episode 3 will. Believe me, it’s something that goes beyond what you could comprehend.

The Impossible Man - Ep.4: The Chupacabra is Out There

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They check the alleys where cats jumped off garbage cans, running away. They visited the zoos where the attacks occurred looking for clues.

The Impossible Man - Ep.5: Rumble Under the Jungle

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The shopkeeper felt his body lifted up in the air. He flipped over and saw the jaws of the gator, wide enough to swallow him whole.

Arcana Magi - c.16: Fragile Friendship

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Alysia stopped for a moment. She knew what she was going to say, but held back her words and thoughts. Chisame took advantage of her hesitance.