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The Lesson

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So, when Daddy grabbed that cock by the neck and threw him into the hole that he quick covered with dirt, I knew right then that men would play a subservient role in my life going forward.


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Black penetrating stares fell on his pasty face, pale from residence far less proximate to the equator than his current latitude. He left the others in comfort found with iced drinks and soft beds.

Our Closet

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I was enchanted with the suppleness and intensity of her movement and slowly edged to hide myself askew from the jam as not to disturb her.


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The calculation was precise.

I Know Nothing

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It was before she married him, but he knew things. Troubling things. The way she said it made me think that she knew them too.

Two Things I Did Not Know

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Their breath stank inside my lungs and tamped down the very minute amount of remorse I had left. It was replaced with contempt. Their fear warmed my cold sensibility as I steeled myself.

He Don't Know Him

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Planned developments have garages in the back, hasty retreat and advance protected by the Genie Automatic, come and go and go and come, waving is optional.

Tran Siberian

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She was an easily lit, wide hipped, Stoli-drinking, schemer from Irkutsk that got her claws into an American riding the Iron Rooster from Khabarovsk to Moscow.

Dangling About

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Looking at his pale and pimpled flesh, he was repulsed by his flaccid and lifeless member. The accompanying bits, dangled about far from his frame as the summer heat drew them away from his sweaty and unwashed body.

Broken Vase

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Once was when we were in Vegas on layover from L.A., I told her I thought we should go to the Elvis Chapel and get remarried.


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“They say when you hit the water; you’re going about 90 miles an hour and it’s just like hitting concrete.”

Love , Devotion & Surrender

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I must have said deliverance out loud as a Ned Beatty look-alike appeared on the street accompanied by banjo-picking Appalachians. Now, I have been known to squeal like a pig, but given my new found appreciation for single use orifices, I quickly conclude

Impressionist Modern

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I'd never seen a dead person before, let alone one that was living just seconds earlier.


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“Why do you cut yourself?” Remy asked her, it wasn’t an opening line he would try out there but it was a perfect in here, a place where the windows didn’t open and everyone but them had keys for their comings and goings.

A Wee Noggin - Paddy Whacker's Challenge

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On the eve of celebrating their patron saint at the public house, one of his particularly cabbaged mates was bold enough to ask him about his cranial deformity.