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A Christmas Poem....sort of

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The sacred trinity of Barbie, Nintendo, and Apple all arrived as foretold, our salvation from God.

The Baptism of David Swimmer

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The church pews were straining at the crowds who had come to see David get saved. There was no salvation in the water really, but the Baptists preached the gospel of immersion. There was a certain Baptist church in Kentucky that pressured a man who'd been sprinkled to get…

Tiffany's Economy

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The world waited with bated breath as Tiffany stood in the grocery store aisle that housed the various kinds of fruit spreads for sandwiches and toast. She tapped her toe and nodded her head this way and that while she compared the qualities of two jars of…

Badface Investigates - Fighting

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I’m lying on the floor curled up in the foetal position and about six people are stamping on me. [...] It’s really confusing down here, what with all the kicking.


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According to the weatherman's morning forecast it was supposed to be a dark and stormy night. Unfortunately for Doctor Von Übel the weather had other things in mind...

The old man in the window is probably scarier than he looks.

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It loomed -- unavoidable.

Show and Tell

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“Ok. It’s about the day my dad blew up the school…”

The Garden Heaters Of Kilburn

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when women’s hair shrinks into tight curly balls and sits on top of their heads like scrunches of wool, blowing in the wind, hanging from the mouths of recently shot deer.

How Would Jesus Drive?

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Contemporary persecution of Christians takes on milder forms of torture like having to explain away something Pat Robertson said, or constantly having to hear about Fred Phelps picketing funerals because he happens to hate homosexuals.

Why I Can't Write Romance

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But all I see, the only irresolute shape in my mind that forms and becomes real, is you.

Loyal Servant? My Arse.

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I know its jealousy. You struggle to get it up with your suppurating sores and anal fistulas. But don’t blame me, you postulating peacock. Stop stuffing yourself with swan’s tongues and jellied whatnots and get a bloody life.