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Years from now, Rory would remember the first sight of his grandmother—veins lashed to spindly brown legs, stern lips, grey plait as long as a girl's. A stillness that deleted you. The look in her eyes. She'd heard what he could do.

Piece of Mind

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Samuel wondered if Megan could hear the brains humming, but like so many of the questions Samuel had for Megan, it was difficult to find the right moment to ask.

Tickled Pink

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I drove to work with a chest as tight as a duck's arse.


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Something is desperately wrong. A scream escapes me. Adrenaline flows. With balled fists, I attack my captor.


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I peek over the edge. A gigantic maw opens under the stairway. I begin to run up the steps to escape, but the stairs are now moving faster