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A woman is walking her blonde dog when the world disappears. Shadows sweep across the moon and swallow the houses like trick swords and carnival fire. Things like that should be packed away in a trunk, hidden in the back of a truck someplace where …

A Life Lived In Outline

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He began life as we all do, an almost indeterminate blob. Ultrasound sonar plotting his outline on screen. The echo chambers of his beating heart dispelling the ectoplasmic impression of mere ghostly existence. His rudimentary …


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There’s an unending parade of drifters, outlaws and crazies and I always have to watch my back, but, then again, that’s nothing new.

Down Hawkling Street.

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Down Hawkling Street, The shadows have come and gone The bar, torn apart from the cold and lonely bullets The lights, they stay awake No more kisses She waits for the empty company A shallow visitor to use and abuse As she walks, they…

During the Interim

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Nothing changes; the moon arcs its mindful lemon eye. . .