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Help the woman get back to her feet

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A cement mattress can’t console a hungry woman, one huddling under a tattered blanket in thin socks and filth. A street corner is a cold place to kneel.

Large size in stockings is hard to sell

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It was a retail sleight of hand he never could master, the “Ma’am, I think you need a larger size” sale. Because a muffin top is flattering. Two waists are better than one.

Rice is often served in round bowls (Hibachi Bushido)

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I knew they were bad, that gaggle of frat morons, that pack of turds. There should have been a sign above the entrance that read, “Hot saké is not a jello shot.” Or at least, “No class, no service.”

The boy was there when the sun rose

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He’d never run that fast before, though it felt like his legs, as if re-entering the atmosphere, were falling apart, tearing muscle with every step, wrenching his heels, shattering bone.

little incidence - (haiku love series - #1)

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you choose to be mine when you take hold of my hand - silently, i'm yours

stoplight - (haiku love series - #2)

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stoplight - (haiku love series - #2) eyes lock in a gaze glimpses of my future spark then you walk away


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Other womenother writershave not hadthis easy lifethat I endure.Struggling tolive by theirwits, their workthe klink of coinsin their handswhat they haveearned themselves.Children thy haveraisedperhaps raisingthemselves;neglected, alone.Or not havingenoughto eat, to read.My…


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When all is said and donewhy am I here in the kitchenamidst dirty dishesstruggling to find my true selfwhile you go off to meditateto find your higher self?


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I used to wonderif watching me imprisonedby the Patriarchy(A word I had not learnt)made my beautiful girlwant only to be with women:that is what theVery Smart Psychiatrist said.Or later, chameleon likemy other beautiful girlbecame a miniature youin defiance of all lawsof…

The Road to Nowhere

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Why is it when I was lost I felt no misdirection at all only panic filling my lungs with every breath.And having found finding myself, alone, surrounded by unknown uncharted terrain I am filled with wonder and joyful refrain.

Tamsen Donner

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“One of the death-stricken at Donner Lake may have said, with tremulous voice: ‘Look! There, just above us, is a beautiful house.’” —C.F. McGlashan, History of the Donner Party

West of Romance

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I want a perfect American life in shambles.

Today It Rains

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I chose coming away because here at least I feel good — and it makes me feel I am growing very tall and straight inside — and very still — Maybe you will not love me for it — but for me it seems to be the best…

Puppet X, 1

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I know you, ladies and gentlemen We see the near future through you Your factual face as you sit indoors Youthless In your ordinary chair "Mice run through their vision Mice run through

Puppet X, 2

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It’s important to sound Human, I know To get fragile Near your Mother I myself Get glimpses Now & then Once, Eating chicken, staring At the inside Of a muscle Once During a bad thunderstorm While running down the stairs