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Broken Bulbs - Chapter One

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And here I am again. I chew my nails. I tap my foot. I chew my nails. I sweat. I bleed. My nose bleeds. It drips. I drip. I'm dripping through my chair.

Bonnie: The Uninspired Muse

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He has such a stupid look on his face, with that bulbous nose and ugly tooth. “What do you mean you quit?” “I quit, Wally. I’m done. It’s over.” “Bullshit!” “Seriously. I want out.”

She's a Mystery Girl

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I looked into those eyes. Those blue eyes. Those blue eyes that weren’t my brown eyes.

If IT Were YOU

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author's note: the borgs in this story have been programmed to think of themselves as IT and in speech refer to selves as YOU* Though IT too had ball and socket joints, the Borg could not sit down to face ITs inquisitor. While IT felt the need to clean up the fallen…


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He stands straighter and walks toward the phone in the back, near the bathrooms. His wet sock slaps loudly against the tile floor. The buzz of conversation dims to whispers, barely audible above the roar of the espresso machine.

Eight Maids a'Milking

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“… and that concludes my presentation. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.” Meixu Liao smiled and turned her hands out, palms upwards. Americans typically saw this combination of facial expression and body language as conveyin

DishPit 2050

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It was going on 15:00. The dish pit was slamming. It had been since eleven. Tommy grabbed some plates and put these on the line. Any sign of Tony? Tommy asked Chef. Not yet, Chef said. He said yesterday he didn't feel well. It's the 40 oz. flu. He's had that before. …

The New Girl

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The new girl is weird. She's pretty but wears cheap, tacky clothes and no makeup. Maybe she's dumb or shy. Her cubicle's beside mine. I tried talking to her between calls but she ignored me. She said her name's Pandora or something weird like that. …

Web 3.o

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Neptune PC was the best room in town.

Crimson Christmas

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The snowman grinned malevolently as flames licked the cabin's roof. The twins escaped first. Amanda pulled Andrew by the hand. They gave the snowman only a fleeting glance before disappearing into the woods. Next was Kringle, the hound. He swerved around the…

Celebrity Skin

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I was sent to the island to deliver the materials to Mr. Costner. He is making a period piece called “Pirates of the Gulf of Aden”. It is set in 2010 and shot in VR. Natives led us to his production company's offices. I handed over the…

The First of Its Kind

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There was a pop followed by a hiss. The lab technician opened a hatch. The specimen was perfect: short, round, and covered in fluffy, white feathers. “This is our prototype,” the technician said, removing his helmet. “All the…

Mary M Gets the Job Done

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It was Mother's Day morning when Mary got the call. Could she be there in an hour? Yes, definitely. She threw on her dishwashing rags and went outside. It was just a short walk to the hotel. “Thanks for coming so quickly,…

The Temptress

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My mystery woman smiles a hidden smile through her mask, and attempts to seduce me with her eyes. She says not a word, but brings up her hand and beckons me with the classic one finger curl that says, “Come hither.” Her eyes make promises, and she turns:


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Redundancy was critical for survival, the builders said, so they designed Us with three cores of memory, each segment fully capable of independent operation.