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Shopping Mall Santa

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The punk boys are my favorite. They come with an attitude, the piercings and the chains and the baggy pants with their underwear hanging out. I’m a punk myself, I tell them. The long white hair and beard? They’re real, my friend.


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And, if you look real close, you see there’s a bullet hole next to his left ear. A stray one went past his head and straight through Santa’s heart.

Modern Santa

194194 views1414 comments88 favs was taken. So was was in Canada, and that didn't make any sense. Canada didn't own Christmas. was the best they could do. "Why has it taken us this long to put up a website?" asked Santa.

A Piece of Tale from the North Pole

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It told such a tale, it complected me pale Oh the scandal! I thought, reading on It exposed good St. Nick (despite all of the schtick) As a shamelessly brazen Don Juan. For he weren’t always old and the fact must be told...

The Third Poem Of Xmas

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Xmas is upon us! Sales are in the stores Candles in the windows Wreaths upon the doors.

Clackamas Towne Center 2012

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The young mother slowly moved along the counter at Macy's, glancing at the sparkling bottles and attractive packages of scented soaps and powders. She reached for a bottle, then hesitated, looking…

Cancer Always Calls Collect - Part 2 - Dear Santa

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We all know that sometimes miracles happen and sometimes they don't. Some days are good and some days go by slowly as the fatigue sets in and he realizes that he is fighting cancer.

Santa Breaks Bad

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It was bound to happen. Even celebrities can only take so much. The constant comparisons to Christ (people still think He was born in December), assumptions that he was anti-Semite or anti-Islam, and accusations from PETA, now ad litem for…