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People assume he’s retarded, they say and do things in front of him that they’d never consider if they knew that he watches and listens to everything. With the ladies though, it’s more than that. He makes them feel good about what they’re doing.

The Voyeurism of a Free Faller

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I wrote this piece after I told the originator of the youtube video "Mieders Alpine Coaster" by David Jellis how I felt watching it. I admitted I was a voyeur not a participant, but that his video fascinated me to the point that I needed to write ab

Three Times, If I Count

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Once or twice, it was only once or twice. Three times, if I really count. And I wasn't giving or loving. And my self stayed hidden and I kept most of my clothes on.


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Your ears perked up whenever the local news talked about a roller coaster accident, usually out of town.