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Men on Mars

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My love was photovoltaic, not Elizabethan.

The Plunderer

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Bill (Gunnery Captain of the Left Hand Gun, HMM Plunderer), while not exactly obese, nor could a disinterested observer call him him rotund, was nevertheless the sort of man who'd never be caught by a famine unprepared. And because of this more than regulation…

Plug In

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I’m in the shower, head down, catching pools of water between my fingers and letting them fall to my toes. I’m calculating the distance and the water’s rate of decent. It’s hot. I think about wanting it cooler. And like that, it starts to cool dow

Stay By Me (And Make the Moment Last)

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I imagine Gene Simmons licking a twelve year old girl that looks like Erin dressed in a dog collar and leash.

The Silicon Chamber

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Why did he seek punishment, if he felt no guilt? Why this empty conscious, though he had done such evil?

Leg and Leg and Another Leg

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The robot may be grabbing onto something so big I'm mistaking it for the countryside, or the sunset. I could just be one cog in an infinite chain of leg-attachment, stretching from the cosmos to the sub-atomic.


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They hallucinate impossible realities achieved by acentrations of projected thought and planned daydreams into chemical reactions and transmission to such subjects symbolised by the signs in themselves the spinory grammar of excited electrons and whimsies


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The snapdragon has now achieved absolute resonance, the gateways on either side are fully opened wide with beautiful iridescent curtains billowing out in high frequency spectrum waves producing a very pleasant ecstatic effect within observer's sensory app