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A Felinist Critique of Macbeth

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Lady Macbeth goes around moaning “out, out damned spot,” when a well-placed lick would have solved the problem immediately, with no unnecessary and heavy-handed dialogue. Once again, clumsy work.

The Cruelest Man

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He was arrested for a horrible crime. It took more than three weeks to identify the body. The newspapers were vague so as not to terrify anyone. He hung his head low as he pled guilty.

A Rave for "How the Sixties Ended"

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"At a bare minimum it deserves to be a major cult hit."

Babushka – Opening Night Review

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...will it be as overwhelmingly dull and tedious as de Sade?


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After nine months, I was granted early parole...

Bent Cage.

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The rusted bars were bent for six memorable hours The beauty flew out, fast as she could To accompany city beasts with enthralling smiles anchored end to end After hefty storytelling of an Indian and Whiteman, The night fell victim to the sharp,…

Review: Tenderoni by Kathy Fish

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"...real people, living in and, most importantly, moving through a recognizable world"

Book Review: Cinema Verite’ a book of poems by Sam Rasnake

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Cinema Verite’ is the best book of poems I have encountered since Matthea Harvey’s Modern Life

Personal Hell - I'm Not Scared, Just Disappointed

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Satan is a wide-eyed Pollyanna mime who communicates with a ventriloquist dummy that corrects my grammar, speaks in internet acronyms, tells me that I’d be a lot prettier if I just smiled more and lost fifteen pounds, and nags me about how all my problems