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Bland, weak, spoiled, slaughtered

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Their wedding gift to us was a night out with them and tonight was the night. But, you see, Rali and Kate had so much more to offer us than we could ever think to register for. They were giving us an exclusive guide on how to live as an up and coming coup

Mom's Lamp

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There is love between a son and mother. And, then there is respect. Recognizing the line is the essence of a good relationship.

Out of no way, way

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(puppet dragons in/ the light),/ paper tigers in/ the dark.

The Night She Took Her Dignity Back

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She had endured three years of abuse for those hot, fleeting moments of tenderness—just enough warmth to keep her second-guessing the bitter frost. Now the ring promised a lifetime of biting back her pain.

A Balancing Act

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Turning me in circles, uncontrolled

Three Tasks: Reflections on Mother's Day

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The first task was ridiculously easy. You rigged up the ladder from the unlocked communal laundry room. I climbed up and squeezed through the open bathroom window. I was skinny enough then to still fit through the bars, head, shoulders, and all. I opened the…

Fifth Love Poem and Fifth Song of Despair

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how beautiful it could have been