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The Morning

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Early in the morning I wanted to send you something for when you wake;


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woke up to the sound of a diesel looked out the window to see i’m not home outta bed to see if you had called not a damn thing on my phone

What it means to be a doctor is to love

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Rearranging the flyers on her desk. Thinking about all those mad syllables. Pantroplillipan. Foroxiplotl. Sometimes she read one backwards, just for fun. Nothing really happened, except that she did have fun. Ltolpixorof. She put the …


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Dear Max,I've reached that stage of life where my sins of omission far outweigh my sins of commission.The old preacher who befriended you in that tiny town where you were living led us to the small frame house by the railroad tracks.The dilapidated wooden swing on the porch…

X, Chapter 2: Min

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She felt like every cell in her body was vomiting, like everyone in the coffee shop was talking about what a failure she had become, like her lungs were filled with charcoal dust and blood.

X, Chapter 5: Sense and Insensibility

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And, despite Min’s best efforts, they talked about Dad. Ruthie cried. Min wouldn’t. It was his fucking decision. But listening a few minutes longer to her sister, whose voice wobbled with the panic and despair of the discarded, she found herself crying fo

X, Chapter 6: Politeness rituals, Punnett Squares, Pavlov & the Plan

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"Isn’t a world where we are made up of mostly empty space and magnetic fields and that time and space warps around us magical enough?"

X, Chapter 11: Zzsst, pop, crack

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A tremor ran through her and then a fizz, like circuits misfiring in her brain: Zssst. Pop. Crack. Things flashed in blue and red and yellow on the inside of her eyelids, but when she opened her eyes, Alex's bedroom was still dark

The Graduate

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George Martian had a piece of cinnamon chewing gum in his mouth while he packed, and his jawline went up and down in such a way that it was difficult to tell whether he was happy or sad, bored or reconciled.


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There was, at that moment, a parade in the man’s head-a thousand pairs of booted feet beating down upon the pavement of his mind. He could almost see band, in their cavalry-blue regimentals, marching forward at a four-count rhythm, his head athrob until

Cotton Willy

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If it’s easy for the gentleman to act the beast, would a gentleman dwell on his conquests? John Thomas Packer enjoyed a rare moment of sexual frivolity. It left him with a nasty little rash. And he’s still scratching a lifetime later.


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I spent our years together being someone you'd approve, and all


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"Maybe…" he began searching for some comforting wisdom. "Maybe it's like this. Husbands live for their wives. Mothers live for their children. And children...well...until they're husbands or wives, they live for themselves."


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As bad as it is you say it is not that bad, you say it made your Sunday.

The Old Man

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The old man looked expectantly down the street, and, seeing nothing, turned back to his cup of tea. Five dollars this tea had cost him, but it was worth it, not only for its quality- it was exceptional- but for the visitor that cup of tea would bring.