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Pubicly Humiliated

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I was a late bloomer in the pubic department. I used to stare at myself, practically counting the little blonde hairs that never grew and refused to darken.

1985: What I Wanted

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I wanted a name that no one could make fun of, a safe name like Heather Smith or Michelle Jones.

Woman Things

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...when the doctor scrapes the baby out, he cuts out all the things that make babies, too...

Teeny Plays Hopscotch

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Teeny’s standing arms akimbo now, giving Mr. Bigshot Jimmy McLean her eat-shit-and-die look, and he's putting out all kinda signals that say "I'm ignoring you."

Get Well Soon

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The boy lay silent for a moment, listening to the youth-quake of splashes and giggles that filled the pool. He would have liked to ogle the winsome beautes, the ‘girleens’ as he liked to call them, but seeing as how his mother was present, not to mention

Puberty heat

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Like the tent of blankets pitched over my soon-to-be bald spot, Breathing in my carbon dioxide, Figuring out how sex works, Chafing to death in solitary.


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Savanna ate one. Tim didn't dare her or anything.