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He envisioned sinking his hands through his fat and pulling out the young, sinewy, long-haired Brendan Yin, the man Evelyn fell in love with. The blubbery shell would fall away to the floor, like a greasy banana peel, and the real Brendan Yin would be lo

Dark Harvest

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“While most governments disapprove,” he began again, “they have no way to effectively track or deal with our business model. Indeed, missing people have simply become a fact of life in most major cities.”

When Nature Calls

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Shouts from men working on the wall, the blast of the crane's diesel engine and staccato bursts from a jackhammer pounded his eardrums as he slogged uphill, work boots slipping and sliding in the mud. He looked forward to taking refuge in one of the portable privies…

Home Security

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They might think that loneliness has made me gullible, more than willing to open for them all kinds of drawers.