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The Vessel dad da

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Billy Monahan came round the bend across from the brothel, when Thomasius  von  Bornheim appeared, staggering drunk, quoting lines from the book of revelations, but not revealing anything.“I am a prophet”, von Bornheim cried, “but nobody wants to hear me…

The Vessel

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The world was a secret, an umbrella for even greater secrets.

The Illumination

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"Mortify me, father," she said.

The Sin Eater

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Priests didn’t just disappear, not without a reason, so there hadn’t been any doubt when Merrick was suddenly replaced. No one had said it, but they didn’t have to. And her boys, thank God—at least he’d done nothing to them.

Cornelia’s Confession

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Cornelia took a deep breath and then said in a rush, “I want you to make the Devil leave me alone, drive him from my life, save my soul, make me whole again, cleanse me."


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“You buy shit, it’s gonna smell like shit,” he said. “You should’ve come to me like I told you and got a good deal with my nephew.”

What Kind of Priest

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The house was no more than a small hut with a dirt floor lighted by kerosene lamps. So we stepped outdoors under a clear sky with Aries rising. The man confessed his infidelities.