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Shirts and Skins

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The boys finished their laps and returned to the center of the gym, Hamid shuffling up last, as usual. Amid the T-shirts and shorts, he wore faded blue slacks and a grubby, long sleeved dress shirt. He always dressed that way, even in gym class, as though

No Place for Unicorns or Teddy Bears

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The ironic symbolism of thinking about fornication while feeding an 8 foot long steel shaft into the orifice of a machine that chops it into little pieces is not completely lost on me. However, this is no place to contemplate life in terms of Freudian ima

Fertile Ground

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Florida, Winter, 1893The dinner included turtle soup, scalloped oysters, larded partridge, quail, and slices of tongue garnished in aspic. By the time Miriam cleared away sweet potato soufflĂ© cups and served tangerine slices in sugar syrup,…


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I would see her at the gym in the mornings.