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Good Use

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I found a field where all the unanswered prayers were once buried but someone someone someone had dug them up again and was putting them to good use

how to live on coffee and prayers

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The coffee filter rustles like the Pages of your notebook, which Only tires you even more. Make your drink strong to Make up for the lack of resolve In your shoulders, and Your weak promises. The familiar sound of percolation And you reach the…

moon soon sun

367367 views33 comments00 favs thatevening comes.stretching across alleywaysand four lane streetsblanketing the troubles of you and mequieting the rustle of tree leaves into first position,stilllike that evening comes.and soon the moonarches high to a place we cannot reachthe sky is blinking…

Waiting for the Voice on the Line

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hoping for a happy outcome/ like a kindly voice on the line