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"If only we could all look like that." "Truly lovely … such a perfect face." The gallery was busy that day. But still the man and woman stood.

Tomorrow in Tonga

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The illuminated numbers on the face of the clock winked out and went dark at 5:43 in the morning. The taut electrical whir & buzz, clicked and went silent in the dim glow of dawn. It could be nuclear war, a polar shift, the end of time, or a branch on a power line. …

What's that on your glasses?

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The shit just doesn't want to come off.

Imparting Shots

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He knows why I’m here, so he stalls, talking about the coffee, about how it’s a new dark blend from a little shop in The Village, about how he loves the flavor, so rich, but just because a coffee is dark doesn’t mean it’s stronger, that, in fact, it’s the