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“It’s time we moved our relationship back into an upright position,” I said.


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I grabbed the overhead rail, flexing my biceps and easing my pelvis in his direction.

Park Bench

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La femme petite/Posing for Monet On a patch of scenery /I lifted my hand/Positioned my wrist As if holding a brush


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No chance for Hallo, we sank into an unlit station doorway and he fumbled through my shorts.

Such Small Adventures

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your hand in mine is as small as minnows

Woman with a Baby

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The mother pushed the stroller through the gate, still looking for a familiar face. As she promenaded in her designer sneakers and capris, looking left and right, the baby banged his rattle on the stroller, laughing and smiling as each dog passed.


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He died a printer finding late/ after so much selling himself selling/ a craft that pleased and paid enough